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New York


Yeah it’s a good time to retreat. We hung in there for NYC’s peak, but when my wife was ready to try something new it took about two weeks to get the family packed and address changed. And it’s been about 45 days. We miss much about our City existence, but we’re going to ride this out a little longer from a distance. Stay safe NYC.

Devils Path 2, John Pasmore 0.5

Back in 2009 I attempted New York’s Devil’s Path trail in and around Hunter Mountain. That was somewhat of a wash. Went with a buddy and by the time we hiked in he had a blister the size of a half dollar. We limped back to the car and thus: Devils Path 1, John Pasmore 0 (’s-path-1-john-pasmore-0). This weekend headed back with Discover Outdoors for a one-day 25 mile shot end-to-end.


Bronx Birds

We definitely needed to get out of the house. The snow, all of us in school, and the unrelenting New York hustle has kept us closer to home than we’d like to be. Busted out with my little boy for a long ride on the #2 to the Pelham stop, which was further than I thought it was, but still fine. Bronx Zoo in Winter.


BK Bridge

Took a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday morning(Oct 20th) while out running. I guess this looks familiar to anyone who has spent time in San Francisco, but here it’s pretty unusual. In fact most people who live here have never seen anything like it.


Java @ Columbia

Hey, how does that work? When referring to the technology that surrounds us the gap between that question and the answer has never been wider. We know how to turn on an iPhone, but beyond that is knowledge that few people can claim. Pictured above: Butler Library at Columbia University.


Long Beach

Not enough beach days in life. Long Beach (NY) is west of some of the big name Long Island beaches like Jones, but for all purposes I can think of it works pretty good. I suppose parking can be an issue, but we were literally steps away from the beach


Back on the Bay

The Classic’s out at Oak Cliff in Oyster Bay are a great chance to get back out on the water. Definitely not the choice for anyone craving speed-induced adrenaline rush, but for a couple hours in the sun is a good shot to put day-to-day issues to rest and think about the wind/water for a while.


Not so far places…

Another quick trip out of NYC with Outdoor Bound. This one to Harriman State Park. Getting out of the City is like hitting the reset button, even if for a day.


Outside Update

Scored a Sunday with Outdoor Bound, a neighbor in the building where VoyageTV has office. I posted a somewhat uneventful hiking video here.


Interruption Irene

I was looking forward to my first day-trip with Outdoor Bound this weekend. A quick trip up to Lake Skenonto. Busier work gets, the greater the challenge to get out so I was looking forward to even a quick trip upstate. Then there’s the weather. Irene. Interrupted.


Fishing Central Park

I’ve had fly fishing on my mind for a while. One more thing to do when I’m looking for something to do. And it’s one of those activities that takes something more than a casual amount of effort and somehow that has an appeal. Like sailing, fly fishing offers a lifetime of learning if you care to pay attention.


Web Wine or Walk West

Decided to walk to the West Side today to check out a wine shop, Le Dû’s Wines. Great idea. Have been buying wine on the web, which makes sense for many reasons, mostly price in a city like New York with pretty wide selection.


Great Grapes: Otto

Otto, at 1 Fifth Avenue, is one of those places I am conflicted about. It has the perfect lunch or late afternoon vibe. The bar is perfect, the folks sitting at the bar are perfect, so there is no need for anything to change the chemistry. Then again, it’s really no secret so if you like an extensive wine list, bartenders that invite you to sample it, and good food, then swing through. .Quick post, that’s it…check it out….see you there.

Stuck in NYC….?

Stuck in NYC? Head for the water. It’s an island after all. Quick post. Have not been kayaking in a couple years — really kayaking. But headed back to Manhattan Kayak near Chelsea Piers for some much needed time on water. I forget why I loved it some much; it’s another kind of Yoga….for me.


Racing Clinic

Squeezed in an all-day Match Racing clinic out at Oak Cliff Sailing Center on Saturday (in a driving rain storm). Great info. The clinic was led by legendary sailor Dave Perry (Dave is actually seated in front of the computer in this picture and in videos below, NOT standing with red jacket).


Class Sailing

A North U (university) sailing seminar looks something like this picture. Less than riveting. Looks aside the time spent was solid. It’s hard to learn sailing in a classroom or by reading a book.


Slip/Slide/Run the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge during snow storm

As I toss on a few layers to run across the Brooklyn Bridge I’m guessing that my wife thinks I’m nuts. Given the weather. The fact she doesn’t say anything…at all…cements the POV. Yeah, we’re probably both thinking about the torn calf muscle last year and the 8+ weeks of rehap or… maybe not. Who knows really, it’s not worth asking.


Skiing New York @ Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain Ski Resort, New York, Catskills

Escaped to Hunter Mountain in upstate New York for a quick ski lesson. I need all the help I can get so a quick day trip to follow-up on whatever was learned the last time I skied. The drive from New York City was a solid two hours and more with traffic (got Zip Car back late thx to traffic).


Fjällräven: Nolita Goes Outdoor

Fjällräven Downstairs

I’m a bit of a gear junkie so finding a new outdoor store in NYC was a Sunday highlight. The Fjällräven store was a little tricky to find. It’s downstairs and doesn’t yet have a sign. This Swedish classic is located 262 Mott Street between Prince and Houston, but again the important part is that it’s downstairs.


Skiing Lake Minnewaska

View from the trail at Lake Minnewaska

Another weekend and another warrior get-away: Lake Minnewaska (again). Didn’t have to go too far — Minnewaska is about two hours north of NYC, and at least there was snow.  Rock and Snow on Main Street in New Paltz provided the skis, boots and poles for I think $17, and you can pick up virtually anything you need there for this trip or any trip really.


Minnewaska Quick/Fast

There aren’t that many good day hikes within an hour from NYC. But, one of the best is Lake Minnewaska. It’s year-round option with hiking, rock climbing, ice climbing, cross country skiing and camping all nearby. And the trail to Lake Awosting is just a bonus.


Meeting @ Merc Bar


Wow. What a turnout for a rainy Wednesday (12.2.2009). Hosted an event with my friends from (Paul, Nuri and Willie) in an attempt to share connectivity all at once as opposed to one e-troduction at a time. Worked! Thanks to John McDonald at the Merc Bar for the perfect space down in Soho (my full attendee list below).


Gold Coast Ghosts…


Nothing like a good ghost story as the leaves change and the weather adds a chill. I went to visit Raynham Hall Museum with Executive Director Harriet Gerard Clark after a recent meeting in Oyster Bay.


Out on Shields 30


First time out this weekend on a Shields 30. Pretty exciting on a windy day. 4 boats (all Shields), 12 or so crew (one down for stitches after a boom/accident). Stepping on a boat you don’t know (especially for a race) is always a little nervy. You get about 10 minutes of instruction, given while you’re getting underway, over the noise of the wind,  and then you’re off.