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RunKeeper & the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Running the bridge is never easy for me. The loop itself is a little over 3 miles from my house. I never run with music, for no good reason, but I did start to run with the iPhone. With RunKeeper. I like the App mostly because it’s motivational. Seeing the days pile up or the missing days adds enough reward or guilt to push me out the door on several recent 40 degree NYC mornings. I think it was 46 degrees this morning when I took the picture.


Devil’s Path 1, John Pasmore 0

Devil's Path Trail Marker

So went hiking up in the Catskills with the intention of camping with a buddy. After waking up at 5:30, and then driving 3 hours north we hit the trail a little late – 9:00ish on a chilly (50 degrees and falling) morning full of drizzle. Got a map and little advice from the Ranger Station and was onward and upward. Approximately an hour and a half into the woods my partner in this mini-adventure develops a not-so-mini 1.5 inch blister on his heel. Ouch. (Partial gear list to come as this was mostly a preparation/gear avoidable injury).


Little fog…little rain


Made it out to Oyster Bay, Long Island this weekend. Sailed (raced) a 1957 52 foot Rhodes (named Caper), more or less grinding on the jib and happy to have had the opportunity.

The boat has been restored to what I would consider immaculate condition. You can take a look at the entire fleet of Classics at The Oak Cliff Yacht Club site. Sailing these restored gems puts a bit of art back in sailing (and there is already a good bit) — the lines look better, you work a little harder (or a lot), and there’s just not as much focus on electronics…or there wasn’t today.  And like turning the many (or any) screens we all have off, even for a few hours, is more of a relief than I remembered (and I like electronics!). No radar today, speed was down below and called out occasionally, but we were all just focused on the wind and its direction….toss in a little rain and a little fog and it was perfect. (Pictured above are Don standing, and Jeff working the Main, I’m on Jib and took the picture, we’re trailed by two other classics in today’s race — there are a couple of shots of Caper & some of the Classics up at Flickr)

More Music…


Quick post on new (and old) music. Balmorhea is a Texas alt-folk band coming to NYC on March 2nd, Burial has had every accolade and deserves it, this still anonymous dubstep producer from London makes an entire CD make sense, and Max Richter creates modern classical music that’s worth listening to. Am stuck on his Maria the Poet (1913) that is centered on Marina Tsvetaeva. Hard track to find. Even NYC’s formidable OtherMusic couldn’t help. Imeem has it as does my still favorite,

Not So Sunny Seaport


South Street is a throwback to New York’s seafaring roots. Today’s “storm” was a chance to get out into an empty City, and the Seaport is a short walk from home.

The week was full of Imus and the continued drum beat for the War in the Middle East with Democrats threatening to somehow cut the flow of funds, which doesn’t seem to me the best way to bring the boys home, so to speak. Lots of loud voices and important subjects.

But Sundays are a treasure. One day to reflect when lately there are six others full of activity. The rain is welcome in that respect. Watched the movie Baraka, and it’s a great reminder that there is still much mystery in who we are and why we’re here.

Wall Street Journal’s Reign?

Wall Street Journal’s Reign?

The Weekend Journal, (Friday’s version of the Wall Street Journal) is usually an innocuous read; movies, unaffordable real estate and some light lifestyle fare. Reading the review of Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle’s new movie, “Reign Over Me” was pretty lightweight until Joe Morgenstern shares his opinion that, “Refreshingly, race doesn’t enter into the picture; the script is color-blind.” Refreshingly?

Don Cheadle’s role has been referred to as the “magic Negro” in other reviews, using Spike Lee’s term for a Black person that shows up magically only to help the white protagonist. Refreshingly?

Zidane @ The Guggenheim

Zidane @ The Guggenheim

Saw Zidane, the movie at the Guggenheim Museum. I loved it. The event was sponsored by Adidas. The movie features one of my favorite bands, Mogwai, another “post rock” outfit from the UK. They are a perfect fit for the movie. The film was shot with 17 cameras, all focused on one man, Zidane, during one match. I’ve owned the soundtrack (purchased) for a while. The film is singular in its focus, and depending on what you can read or see within a “game” it either has much to say or not.