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New York City

Been a long time since I posted – social media has taken over. New York City is holding fast. Choppy outlook at best. Will update here and on IG.

Can/should everyone code

Short answer, yes. Like math or perhaps more like learning a little bit about some foreign language, everyone should have some idea how computers think. But, not everyone is built to be a programmer.


Boat Days


Back to Oakcliff for the kickoff of classic’s sailing on Clio. Always good to get on the water (out of the City), and great to see the crew (more…)


Damascus, PaI’ve read and watched a good bit of the content that ‘adventurer’ Alastair Humphreys has created. I’m sure the idea of microadventures has been around forever, but no one, in my opinion, has articulated in quite the same way (Alastair Humphreys Microadventures),


Platform 2.0

Keith-IMG_1039Platform year two got off to a great start at Morehouse/Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Pictured, Keith Clinkscales @KTClinkscales founder of Vibe and now @RevoltTV moves the crowd with a couple of classic Hip Hop renditions.


Paddle NYC (…or Chris Swims the Hudson) out with couple of travel pros, Jon Fauver, CEO of TrekkSoft and Chris Sandeman, CEO of Sandeman’s New Europe decided to spend a Sunday paddling out to the Statue of Liberty from NY Kayak. Been a second since I’ve paddled that far. Good day and great to get out on the water with friends.


Bronx Birds

We definitely needed to get out of the house. The snow, all of us in school, and the unrelenting New York hustle has kept us closer to home than we’d like to be. Busted out with my little boy for a long ride on the #2 to the Pelham stop, which was further than I thought it was, but still fine. Bronx Zoo in Winter.


Travel Biz Redux

The business of travel converges on an annual convention called PhoCusWright, There are many conferences all over the world but few attract the biggest CEO’s of the biggest names in travel like Expedia, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi or former Priceline, CEO Jeff Boyd just to name two. It’s also a chance to take a look at virtually every new company that launched over the past year up on the main stage (pictured) – here’s a look:

Things to do in…

Quick outing back on Clio. One wrong tack and we paid the price. Good day thinking about wind/water…Oakcliff sailing…

Surface v iPad

I converted to Apple some five years ago. Enjoy the seamless integration of devices, even if Entourage does not equate 100% to Outlook. But, landed a test drive for a Microsoft Surface from the @thefader event tonight for the Solange magazine cover in Soho and will compare my trusty iPad to #surface at work and on the run @johnpasmore – I can read my coursework for Columbia on my iPad, remotely connect to my laptop and generally make my life comfortably mobilized. Curious if the Surface can keep up….

adrift in the Sea of Code…

Not just code, but really all of it: Apps, sites, devices, and an avalanche of content. And I like the idea of code and I like technology generally. But at some point it seems like more for more’s sake. As a society we are pouring millions of dollars and engineering into how to serve better advertising, how to make a better phone, and how to create digitally the community we used to have before we all got so busy answering emails and checking Facebook.


It was dark…

The dark object in the middle of the picture is the Freedom Tower minus electricity. The walk down from the 22nd floor of my apartment was memorable. The walk back up more so. Hurricane Sandy lived up to the hyperbole spewing from the TV.


Classics + Water

There’s a saying that goes something like, “A bad day on the water beats a good day in the office.”


Florida is different. Where it once was the Holy Grail of weekend getaways, it’s now more business than pleasure. Am posted at the Ft. Lauderdale Hilton — on business trip, and looking forward to stepping onto the largest ship I’ve ever set foot on.


Great Grapes: Otto

Otto, at 1 Fifth Avenue, is one of those places I am conflicted about. It has the perfect lunch or late afternoon vibe. The bar is perfect, the folks sitting at the bar are perfect, so there is no need for anything to change the chemistry. Then again, it’s really no secret so if you like an extensive wine list, bartenders that invite you to sample it, and good food, then swing through. .Quick post, that’s it…check it out….see you there.

Ker 50 – New to me…

Bumpy ride home from Race – Long Island Sound – Ker 50 from John Pasmore on Vimeo.

Not doing a huge long post, but sailed on a Ker 50 in breezy weather. Wow. Add being overwhelmingly busy with and is a bit over-the-top at times.


Class Sailing

A North U (university) sailing seminar looks something like this picture. Less than riveting. Looks aside the time spent was solid. It’s hard to learn sailing in a classroom or by reading a book.


Sundance, 2010

View of Rocky Mountains flying into Salt Lake City

Just getting to Utah. And then to Sundance which is in Park City (airport is Salt Lake City). We tried to submit the short Asylum in 2007. That was the last time I was here. No film this time, though no shortage of ideas. Little time for film with which has been a whirlwind of production both on the web and in terms of the programming we’ve shot over the past year.


Skiing Lake Minnewaska

View from the trail at Lake Minnewaska

Another weekend and another warrior get-away: Lake Minnewaska (again). Didn’t have to go too far — Minnewaska is about two hours north of NYC, and at least there was snow.  Rock and Snow on Main Street in New Paltz provided the skis, boots and poles for I think $17, and you can pick up virtually anything you need there for this trip or any trip really.


Things to do in denver…


when diverted…well they didn’t let us off the plane. And they never told us what the passengers “medical emergency” was exactly. I just all wish him the best and hope whatever it was, that it wasn’t communicable. We fly, we take risks, we trust people with our lives and well being not knowing who they really are nor how qualified they may or may not be…And while I’d love to simply drop in a perfect quote right “here” from the movie, “Things to do in Denver when You’re Dead”, I can’t find one…so, we took off, didn’t spend an hour. Got gas and took off…yep

Coming Correct, Almost


Watching a movie like Rabbit Proof Fence (image above from the film) one could get the idea that the issues of indigenous peoples are more history than current news. But Australia manages to confound that idea (though they have plenty of company). A recent article article in today’s Guardian, Australia’s ‘stolen’ children get apology but no cash should keep us informed that while these problems may have been solved in some senses the repercussions remain as does the legacy of injustice. There is an on-line apology for that injustice which has collected some 24,000 that looks woefully inadequate.