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Ker 50 – New to me… by John Pasmore

Bumpy ride home from Race – Long Island Sound – Ker 50 from John Pasmore on Vimeo.

Not doing a huge long post, but sailed on a Ker 50 in breezy weather. Wow. Add being overwhelmingly busy with and is a bit over-the-top at times.

Man, feel like a rookie (which I am) in this kind of boat in this kind of race, but remember feeling same way learning to dive and kayak. It’s up and over — there’s no way to get past inexperience other than by gaining experience (and perhaps keeping your head down in the process). But will do best given the overall state of affairs. Having couple thousand miles of blue-water experience means little — totally different. Happy to be on the water….even as the new guy…

Sailed with Oakcliff Sailing Center out of Oyster Bay, Long Island — very impressive crew.

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