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Paddle NYC (…or Chris Swims the Hudson) by John Pasmore out with couple of travel pros, Jon Fauver, CEO of TrekkSoft and Chris Sandeman, CEO of Sandeman’s New Europe decided to spend a Sunday paddling out to the Statue of Liberty from NY Kayak. Been a second since I’ve paddled that far. Good day and great to get out on the water with friends.

Of course, Chris got a little closer to the Hudson than he wanted:


For me was good chance to drag out some gear. And, of course, given the unique odor of Hudson River water, all gear gets washed — and in NYC there aren’t many places to drip dry — this would not work if we weren’t lucky enough to have 2 bathrooms.

Images on the water possible thanks to a waterproof LifeProof case PLUS the LifeJacket case which works well if you’re down in the water kayaking, but good for sailing/fishing etc.

Because I’m old I paddle with an extra seat cushion — SealLine Kayak Cushion

Rain was in the forecast, but we snuck through but still had an Atlantis jacket (blue jacket on left) packed.

Used my own Helly Hansen PFD/vest (Model 50N) — this one for some reason is a challenge to find in the US who knows why —  I ordered from Rob Perry Marine in UK. I like the way these vests fit and I can use for sailing and kayaking,

There is also a 5 Liter Pacific Outdoor dry bag (orange) floating around in the picture as well. Like the bags with the dump valve.

Not really much else needed for even a 5 mile Kayak day trip — water + hat + sunglasses and you’re good.

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