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Peacemaker – Ker IRC 11.5

Ker Design - Peacemaker

Been trying to get out on the water for weeks and finally made it. The Ker IRC 11.5 is fast and light. And the experienced crew was amazing to practice with. Will try and get a better picture now that I see how few are on the Net — had hands more than full trying to accomplish whatever I was supposed to do on the bow so my picture-taking was a little challenged.


Out on Shields 30


First time out this weekend on a Shields 30. Pretty exciting on a windy day. 4 boats (all Shields), 12 or so crew (one down for stitches after a boom/accident). Stepping on a boat you don’t know (especially for a race) is always a little nervy. You get about 10 minutes of instruction, given while you’re getting underway, over the noise of the wind,  and then you’re off.


Little fog…little rain


Made it out to Oyster Bay, Long Island this weekend. Sailed (raced) a 1957 52 foot Rhodes (named Caper), more or less grinding on the jib and happy to have had the opportunity.

The boat has been restored to what I would consider immaculate condition. You can take a look at the entire fleet of Classics at The Oak Cliff Yacht Club site. Sailing these restored gems puts a bit of art back in sailing (and there is already a good bit) — the lines look better, you work a little harder (or a lot), and there’s just not as much focus on electronics…or there wasn’t today.  And like turning the many (or any) screens we all have off, even for a few hours, is more of a relief than I remembered (and I like electronics!). No radar today, speed was down below and called out occasionally, but we were all just focused on the wind and its direction….toss in a little rain and a little fog and it was perfect. (Pictured above are Don standing, and Jeff working the Main, I’m on Jib and took the picture, we’re trailed by two other classics in today’s race — there are a couple of shots of Caper & some of the Classics up at Flickr)