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Jack Mag

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.54.27 PM

Gotta love the bravery of launching a print mag — Jack Magazine — tosses its hat and talent into the tumult with a pretty impressive launch party and visually engaging oversized magazine.

Outdoor Mktg Adds Layers w/ Video

Outdoor marketing seems to be turning a video corner. This one above from Backcountry. If you have 25 minutes to spend with another impressive and immersive video (w/ hunting): Searching for West.


Active Video

I got a brief view of all the capabilities of Active Video and was impressed. Sure my company, VoyageTV has an Active Video channel on Cablevision (channel 608), but I had never met Active’s CEO Jeff Miller nor had I seen what the capabilities could be.


Content: Good Farms Gone Bad

Google giveth and Google crusheth.  One of our VC’s at VoyageTV sent me a note during the week about Google’s changing algorithm. I tend to not always respond to emailed articles during the day, but I tend to always respond to our VC. Google’s move was welcome and search results were shuffled immediately.


Doing design

Great design is rare. Add to that the highly subjective nature of design and the prospect of achieving something great comes clear. Above is the homepage of my current effort Voyage.TV and a cover from 2002 of my former business, Oneworld magazine, designed by Shirley Petchprapa. This cover was one of our best in nine years.


Sundance, 2010

View of Rocky Mountains flying into Salt Lake City

Just getting to Utah. And then to Sundance which is in Park City (airport is Salt Lake City). We tried to submit the short Asylum in 2007. That was the last time I was here. No film this time, though no shortage of ideas. Little time for film with which has been a whirlwind of production both on the web and in terms of the programming we’ve shot over the past year.


BlackWeb2.0 homepage

Did a quick Q/A with BlackWeb2.0 founder Angela Benton for my FastCompany Blog. I’ve always thought the site had an interesting and wide perspective of what’s going on, and has an interesting edit focus that’s a cross between tech and culture.


Back in Black…(Enterprise)


Black Enterprise gave me and my then partner Eddison Bramble some of our first press more than a decade ago when we had launched New Image Media, “A Hair Rasing Success.” Recently they came thru with piece on  It’s in the December issue, but errr don’t see it on their site. Here is a PDF.

Meeting @ Merc Bar


Wow. What a turnout for a rainy Wednesday (12.2.2009). Hosted an event with my friends from (Paul, Nuri and Willie) in an attempt to share connectivity all at once as opposed to one e-troduction at a time. Worked! Thanks to John McDonald at the Merc Bar for the perfect space down in Soho (my full attendee list below).


Farvel Falkenberg


Perhaps I should watch the end of the movie before writing, but have loved Erik Enocksson‘s soundtrack since I first heard it. The soundtrack led me to the movie (DVD) which is quite a challenge to get.  Farväl Falkenberg is a Swedish film that will take you back (maybe) or perhaps mirror where you’re at. Depending on your age. The film’s stars are in their twenties. And adrift.

In our society — most societies — being adrift is not a positive. There was a time maybe in the ’60s when that spirit characterized the Nation, at least in the media, if not the lives of most. But driftiness has never gone away really. Facebook, Twitter, and tethering gadgetry seem to run counter to being adrift, but can super-size one’s sense of being apart by holding up a relentless yardstick of connectivity, or lack of. Either way, sometimes you just want to turn it all off.


Mags for Masses


Should everyone have their own magazine? Probably not. But if you want an easy way to prototype one check out MagCloud. I love magazines, and there is a certain honesty, if not finely honed execution in the early issues of magazines. I still have the first issue of Vibe, which is better than anything in years you’ve seen from them.

I have an 80’s issue of Details that will have you wax nostalgic for a bygone era where Rudolph manned the door at Danceteria. If nostalgia is your thing. If not, check out some of the talent at MagCloud, or better for them, load one up. I’m sure there’s a future errr…magazine we love….hmmm…future hipper Vanity Fair out there somewhere.

Pictured is a spread from W25 Magazine.

WIRED burns Green Bridges


WIRED Magazine chose to push some green buttons. Their cover story provoked usually staid and scientific Real Climate to post a response, “Wired Magazine’s Incoherent Truths“.

Essentially the WIRED piece cuts to the chase of some long held beliefs that it feels will have to be sacrificed at the alter of reality. Doable change as opposed to things we should do (and never accomplish). They include heartstoppers like giving up on organic food, carbon trading doesn’t work and prepare to accept genetic engineering.

In looking at the two articles, one from the aggressively non-designed and mostly scientific website (Real Climate) and one from a publication which cuts down trees, takes money from auto manufactures and generally must earn a profit from the support of some of the countries biggest commercial enterprises I think I would go with the former, Real Climate, as a more trusted source of info to live by. Sorry Wired, but I really do like the gadget section! Always have.

There you have it, Wired is entertaining, and Real Climate has the truth.