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Sundance, 2010 by John Pasmore

View of Rocky Mountains flying into Salt Lake City

Just getting to Utah. And then to Sundance which is in Park City (airport is Salt Lake City). We tried to submit the short Asylum in 2007. That was the last time I was here. No film this time, though no shortage of ideas. Little time for film with which has been a whirlwind of production both on the web and in terms of the programming we’ve shot over the past year.

I’m sure we’re coming up on 400 segments between the mini-doc’s we make in-destination and the hotel shoots. Learning has been kinda priceless. But following in footsteps on some of mentors, we press to create more, push to find new opportunity born out of what’s been established. Voyage still has lots of growing to do, and really looking forward to the new design we get up in February (see below), but for now happy to be in Utah. Again.

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  1. Rob says:

    Looks like a nice flight in. When I went to Park City we flew into Salt Lake and drove.

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