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A Sea of Non-Diversity @ Glastonbury


I’m sure there were a couple of brown faces besides Jay Z at Glastonbury, but even he was not unanimously welcome. Oasis lead Noel Gallagher moaned that Hip Hop had no place at the Festival (deleting Oasis from iTunes). Somewhat in the same vein Amy Winehouse apparently called Kanye a c**t in one of her songs. So maybe music is not the touchstone of common youth culture that it seems? (yep, I see a little diversity in the image, but c’mon)…

More Music…


Quick post on new (and old) music. Balmorhea is a Texas alt-folk band coming to NYC on March 2nd, Burial has had every accolade and deserves it, this still anonymous dubstep producer from London makes an entire CD make sense, and Max Richter creates modern classical music that’s worth listening to. Am stuck on his Maria the Poet (1913) that is centered on Marina Tsvetaeva. Hard track to find. Even NYC’s formidable OtherMusic couldn’t help. Imeem has it as does my still favorite,

Zidane @ The Guggenheim

Zidane @ The Guggenheim

Saw Zidane, the movie at the Guggenheim Museum. I loved it. The event was sponsored by Adidas. The movie features one of my favorite bands, Mogwai, another “post rock” outfit from the UK. They are a perfect fit for the movie. The film was shot with 17 cameras, all focused on one man, Zidane, during one match. I’ve owned the soundtrack (purchased) for a while. The film is singular in its focus, and depending on what you can read or see within a “game” it either has much to say or not.