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Did a quick Q/A with BlackWeb2.0 founder Angela Benton for my FastCompany Blog. I’ve always thought the site had an interesting and wide perspective of what’s going on, and has an interesting edit focus that’s a cross between tech and culture.

There are more interesting sites than can be mentioned in any story — so the site itself acts like a reference for what’s going on. The bigger question is which sites can become truly financial viable, can the successful sites already up stay up, and will we see some evolution out of content and more into applications. Certainly there are many Black app developers and interesting businesses such as Sheldon Gilbert’s Proclivity, but would be great to see more.

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  1. shackleton says:

    Nice. Work. Keep Growing and Reaching.
    You are a comfort and a light….and I bet, a very good dad/husband.
    You are doing more good than you realize.

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