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Mags for Masses by John


Should everyone have their own magazine? Probably not. But if you want an easy way to prototype one check out MagCloud. I love magazines, and there is a certain honesty, if not finely honed execution in the early issues of magazines. I still have the first issue of Vibe, which is better than anything in years you’ve seen from them.

I have an 80’s issue of Details that will have you wax nostalgic for a bygone era where Rudolph manned the door at Danceteria. If nostalgia is your thing. If not, check out some of the talent at MagCloud, or better for them, load one up. I’m sure there’s a future errr…magazine we love….hmmm…future hipper Vanity Fair out there somewhere.

Pictured is a spread from W25 Magazine.

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