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Out on Shields 30 by John Pasmore


First time out this weekend on a Shields 30. Pretty exciting on a windy day. 4 boats (all Shields), 12 or so crew (one down for stitches after a boom/accident). Stepping on a boat you don’t know (especially for a race) is always a little nervy. You get about 10 minutes of instruction, given while you’re getting underway, over the noise of the wind,  and then you’re off.

We were doing three person crews generally with the buoys laid out earlier than the 10AM start and the committee boat standing by. First call was there was too much wind for Spinnakers (gusts probably to 25 maybe 30 knots I dunno).

I was on the Main Sheet, so was in the very small cockpit between the helmsman and Kirk working the jib. Kirk then jumped (literally) to the committee boat to assist getting Bernie to the hospital — leaving just the two of us. And as two we won the first two.

The jib was very unlike the bigger boats as you’re really releasing with one hand and trimming with the other — hopefully at the same time. There’s kind of an art to this while ducking under the boom. Good bit of water coming over the bow as well. And loud (wind).

In good wind the boat comes about quickly and heels so the rail is in green water before you know it. In wind. All good — nothing like a few hours in the wind to make you forget anything else but wind and water. I don’t even really know where this nautical fascination came from — think it’s all part of a general wanderlust. Is perfect for now. The boats are courtesy of Oak Cliff Yacht Club (more on Oak Cliff here:

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