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Gold Coast Ghosts… by John Pasmore


Nothing like a good ghost story as the leaves change and the weather adds a chill. I went to visit Raynham Hall Museum with Executive Director Harriet Gerard Clark after a recent meeting in Oyster Bay.

An after hours and after sundown visit to some speculative property in a sleepy town is always a good test of one’s courage — especially a property with a specter-filled reputation. But this property is as steeped in Colonial intrigue from the days of George Washington as it is in modern day ghost stories. But I will say it was strangely chilly.

Oyster Bay has been my sailing launching point for late-season frost-biting and somehow it just gets more interesting the more I go. I’ve always been fascinated with Long Island’s north coast — from the Charles Lindbergh mansion to Sag Harbor there are great stories, with great treasures like Caumsett State Park —  there’s much more to see…or not…

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