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Devils Path 2, John Pasmore 0.5 by John Pasmore

Back in 2009 I attempted New York’s Devil’s Path trail in and around Hunter Mountain. That was somewhat of a wash. Went with a buddy and by the time we hiked in he had a blister the size of a half dollar. We limped back to the car and thus: Devils Path 1, John Pasmore 0 (’s-path-1-john-pasmore-0). This weekend headed back with Discover Outdoors for a one-day 25 mile shot end-to-end.

Hit trailhead at 7am (left NYC at 4:14AM) but by 3PM I was toast — 14 miles. I’m giving myself a 0.5 and adding 1 to the trail’s score — so….more work to be done here. I’ve posted a fairly worthless YouTube video that gives only an idea of the pace on flat terrain — up/down was significantly different. Will post gear list later — was minimal — attitude was way more important than boots or sneakers.

Takeaway, run more for Devils Path III.

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