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Bronx Birds by John Pasmore

We definitely needed to get out of the house. The snow, all of us in school, and the unrelenting New York hustle has kept us closer to home than we’d like to be. Busted out with my little boy for a long ride on the #2 to the Pelham stop, which was further than I thought it was, but still fine. Bronx Zoo in Winter.

Not sure I would endorse this outing for anyone else. AND I think you can skip the entrance fee but we were in a rush so it was a bit unclear what would have been free — we paid. Don’t expect to see all that you might in the summer, but you’ll certainly beat the crowds if you choose a 23 degree day.

We headed up to East Tremont avenue for early dinner at El Nuevo Bohio Lechonera and that was, for me, a highlight. Wouldn’t make the trip to the Bronx just for this meal, but it’s a very good option after the zoo.

Truly, I think the time has passed for Zoo’s — the Polar Bear looked out-of-place and out of time. For my 6 year-old it was all fine, and good, but as Blackfish showed, wild animals belong it whatever is left of the wild. I think my son would get that. These birds don’t belong in the Bronx.

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