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Turks & Caicos by John Pasmore

l1000555Getting to Turks was a little tough. I wouldn’t recommend waiting until the last minute as those “lift” reductions are no joke – basically fewer planes equals fewer seats and higher prices. Toss in the two year old and the desire NOT to have any major connections and you come up with limited and expensive options. But we went.

With both my parents from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Jamaica) I’ve probably spent more time there than many. But Turks is different and great. For me. Small and manageable with beautiful water and great diving (DIDN’T make it this trip). So this was one for the family — no diving or sailing or anything that required more than flip flops.

And if you want to slow down, Turks is perfect — we got there the week before Labor Day so the height of both the off season and  hurricane season as well. Sure there were a couple of suspicious systems that could have developed, but the family was oblivious as I checked NOAA daily. I would def recommend the island and the hotel — Gansevoort. Great service and beautiful property. Rented a car for a couple of days just to see the place, and my minimal left-hand side driving skills were sufficient.

The island sports the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world so I will be back. Do want to hop on a boat as it’s pretty close to lots of interesting places. I posted a bunch of pictures on Flickr, and they tell just a part of the story. Consider the destination and the property highly recommended.

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