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Hitting Pause (Summer ’09) by John Pasmore

footMan. Summer plan curve ball took shape at the San Francisco airport. Popped calf muscle chasing my two year-old. Wow. That was a long flight home. Then the soft cast. Three weeks later I can walk near normal….at least in the house. Little Grayden has little mercy. I think he understands on some level, but he’s not sympathetic and still likely to jump on the leg as quick as he would drive a tricycle into it.

So hiking, running and climbing are off the menu for a bit. Though we did “hike” Central Park today to the Victorian Gardens, a family amusement park at Wollman Rink. The whole episode has been a curious pause…walking much slower in Manhattan…making eye contact with the anyone else who has stepped out of the fast lane. I must admit I didn’t really notice the cadre of the afflicted until I joined the club. Walking slow isn’t that bad. There really is more to see on any given street. Will enjoy the pause while it lasts…created new playlist just for the purpose…

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