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Salmon Stocks Fried by John


Salmon fishing was banned along the West Coast for the first time in 160 years according to todays The San Fran Chronicle. Nowhere can I find the similar ban 160 years ago that the story references and this is likely the first ban ever. So basically a collapse of a fishing stock right here at home (in the USA). Hard to know how this relates to other global changes (climate) but it does tell us that we’re putting lots of pressure on wild animals. These animals in particular we eat, or over eat in this instance.

This is but one example of a collapse of a population that we sort of depend on. Sure there are fish farms, but we need to understand who to manage the food supply. This is a story I fear we’ll be hearing more of as we’ve heard much already about the pressure that certain Tuna and even Shark populations have felt.

The news isn’t all bad, there are great organizations doing solid work. My favorite: Reef Check. Also, Blue Ocean Institute publishes an excellent guide to “Ocean Friendly Seafood.”

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