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Veronica Webb

Veronica Webb and I met probably about a decade ago while I was trying to find a way to create a magazine business (Oneworld) with Russell Simmons. She was a very good friend of his and I always suspected that he looked to her for insight into fashion.

This was a little bit before Kimora and well before Phat Farm exploded into the global brand it is today. So, being in New York, it just seemed to me that Veronica and some of the other names of her day have drifted off wherever supermodels end up and we had not crossed paths for quite a while.

But BET produced Real Life Divas, and Veronica was back and though she is keeping her plans close to the proverbial vest, I get the sense that she is pulling some big strings as she resurfaces. So will keep an eye out. Did a FastCompany post – a Q&A. This photo is by Marc Baptiste one of the truly special talents who bring art to the fashion biz.

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