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Slip/Slide/Run the Brooklyn Bridge by John Pasmore

Brooklyn Bridge during snow storm

As I toss on a few layers to run across the Brooklyn Bridge I’m guessing that my wife thinks I’m nuts. Given the weather. The fact she doesn’t say anything…at all…cements the POV. Yeah, we’re probably both thinking about the torn calf muscle last year and the 8+ weeks of rehap or… maybe not. Who knows really, it’s not worth asking.

I made it and had little company on the bridge. First none at all which was a little disconcerting as it was only 7PM and usually there are reams of folks. But I made it to Brooklyn and to Tillary Street certainly without seeing another runner. The way back, still no runners, a bicycle (one), feet down, trying to guide his way down the hill. Good luck, I’d walk. I didn’t look back to see if he’d agree with my thinking.

By now the snow is stinging my face and coming at a steep angle. Occasionally a large-ish piece of snow/ice comes off the bridge from somewhere up above and lands with a thud. I understand why they might close the bridge to pedestrians. I read later that some unfortunate dude is killed in Central Park by falling branch weighed down by the snow and, as always, realize life can be shortened in the most bizarre and capricious ways.

“…The man, Elmaz Qyra of Brooklyn, was killed around 3:30 p.m., along a picturesque stretch called Literary Walk, named because of the statues of Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns overlooking it…”

But gear is holding up well (could have used cramp-ons). In the midst of what was becoming a driving snow storm a lone Indian (looking) tourist tries to flag me down to take his picture — err — I passed on the opportunity. I was “running” the bridge – thought that was obvious, and welcome to New York. I mean c’mon.

Anyway, gear:

Clear lenses in ESS glasses,

Wool hat (which actually was keeping me warm even though it was very wet),

Some Patagonia liners for gloves,

New Balance sneakers,

Inexpensive Duofold Long Johns that were doing as well as much more expensive merino long johns I left at home (was 32 degrees out),

Icebreaker merino long sleeve short (like my Patagonia merino better, but Icebreaker did the job and scored it at steep discount from Gilt Group wedged amidst the tight and attitudinal designer wear that is the stock/trade of their email offers),

And an old Marmot pull-over waterproof shell (am a pretty big fan of Marmot),

Basic pair of Red Ledge water-proof/slip-on/velcro/zip-up pants,

Wrapped up the iPhone running Runkeeper App in an OtterBox Defender which did its job as well. Personally I just keep the iPhone in a Nathan runners pouch, not purpose-built but works for me.

I do three+ miles in the wet snow. Is kinda fun. And as long as I don’t trail water through the apartment wife is fine….I think.

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  1. Val says:

    OMG John. Great post, but, please stay indoors!

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