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Plastic Bags Banned in NYC? by John


Nope. Our City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, is embroiled in controversy surrounding a “slush fund” that took up space in the budget with fake placeholders. The money was to be doled out later alledgely to supporters of the Speaker. But that’s another issue, though one which keeps City business on the back burner.

But it’s about time for NYC to take the lead environmentally (behind San Francisco) and tackle the growing mountain of plastic that litter the streets and increasingly poison the food chain. Where is the media? The New York Times? Well they did two related stories in 2007 so lower your expectations. The New York Times seems more focused on how to sell ads than serving the readers. The journalists there seem to be devoting more ink to the Style section than to keeping important issues front and center.

So before we poison ourselves, our kids and the environment permantly take a moment to fire off a letter to:

The Honorable Christine Quinn
Speaker of the City Council
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-788-5615 or 212-788-7210
Fax: 212-788-7207
(I understand real letters are more impactful and unknown whether email would ever actually be read…)

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