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Outside Update by John Pasmore

Scored a Sunday with Outdoor Bound, a neighbor in the building where VoyageTV has office. I posted a somewhat uneventful hiking video here.

Day hike is a good chance to shake-out the gear closet for the new season. We headed to Harriman on Sunday, but the NorthEast suffered through a freak snowstorm on Saturday — there was 10 inches of snow on the ground. Was in the 40’s so comfortable given the effort — but here’s what worked or didn’t:

Marmot Cervino Jacket:

Was fine — no issues — am a little down on Gore-Tex at the moment, but this was not that wet. Fine.

Garmont Vetta Light Boots

Better than fine. Gore-Tex lined but I think boots are a better spot than a rain-coat. Gore will wet-out at some point — fellow hiker had these and was pretty pleased:

OverBoard Pack

Got this for water/sailing — wasn’t sure if it would really work as a “daypack” did fine – wouldn’t ask much more from it, but have a NYC apartment and my wife doesn’t really support the level of gear in the house as is — not getting separate packs for each effort. Pack worked well.

Nothing critical missing. Above are the big things and they’re good to go. Probably 25 pieces of stuff if you count each/every thing carried or worn. Good start — looking to pry myself out and away as much as possible across the winter. Soft circled Mt Washington if I can’t get way North.

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