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Orlando… by John Pasmore

Who knew Epcot lets you dive with their sharks. Outside of the obvious (Disney) I’ve not found that much to do in Orlando.  I’ve searched (and searched) for stuff to do that is different, doesn’t involve lines (if possible) and hopefully is outside (or underwater). This is what I’ve found:


Who knew you could dive in the giant fish tank at Disney? Reading about it I was skeptical. But all the reviews on Yelp seemed positive. I thought this was going to be at the bottom of my dive experiences, but it seemed better than the alternatives and it actually ended Top 5.

It was surprisingly good. The staff takes you through the back door into the aquarium and you get a staff’s view of the facility that most marine biologists would enjoy much less a pedestrian/diver. Disney staff is well trained and you get a complete introduction to the facility — 2000 animals, 65 species, in a 200 foot wide enclosure with over 6 million gallons of water (salt water) flowing through it, etc – intro takes an hour – Disney provides all equipment except for your bathing suit.

Only the most jaded and experienced divers would find diving with sharks less than exciting. Sure there are 64 other types of fish, but sharks are special and being that close is worth the price (somewhat steep) of admission. Will post a movie clip when I rip the DVD.


Spend a day out on the water with one of the great local fishing options. I went out with Tom Carver of and had a great time. Quick video of the ride out here.

Tom is a great guide and has reasonable rates. You’ll enjoy it.


Again, worth getting away from the City to see the other side of Orlando. Been a while since I kayaked Orlando, but if I had to do it today Florida Kayak Company looks like a good fit.


I dove Lake Denton in Orlando and it was cold. The outfit I dove with is no longer there but The Dive Station is a Padi 5 Star facility. If I had to do it all over again I would go with Naui as opposed to Padi as a dive certification organization, but they’re both good organizations.

Still looking for more options, that’s a few that I’ve found. Am sure there is a great nightlife, music and art scene somewhere, but still looking for that. Open to suggestions

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