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Not So Sunny Seaport by John


South Street is a throwback to New York’s seafaring roots. Today’s “storm” was a chance to get out into an empty City, and the Seaport is a short walk from home.

The week was full of Imus and the continued drum beat for the War in the Middle East with Democrats threatening to somehow cut the flow of funds, which doesn’t seem to me the best way to bring the boys home, so to speak. Lots of loud voices and important subjects.

But Sundays are a treasure. One day to reflect when lately there are six others full of activity. The rain is welcome in that respect. Watched the movie Baraka, and it’s a great reminder that there is still much mystery in who we are and why we’re here.

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  1. capcity says:

    LOVE the photo…now, i’ll have to make the Seaport one of my rainy day spots. will be cool w/o all the tourists!

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