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Long Beach by John Pasmore

Not enough beach days in life. Long Beach (NY) is west of some of the big name Long Island beaches like Jones, but for all purposes I can think of it works pretty good. I suppose parking can be an issue, but we were literally steps away from the beach

when me plus the littler Pasmore headed out to meet a friend and his son (little Pasmore on left in picture). Was perfect; sand, water, sun, company, perfect.Thinking about trying one of the lake/beaches upstate — stopped by Lake Welch way after hours and it looked serene, inviting and terrific, but the comments on Yelp were a bit less inviting. That was on way back from Fahnestock which is a solid 45 minutes further upstate but seemed about as un-pristine as Welch. Result, sticking to Long Island till I hear different. Couple more beach days before autumn spins into NYC.

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