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Fishing Central Park by John Pasmore

I’ve had fly fishing on my mind for a while. One more thing to do when I’m looking for something to do. And it’s one of those activities that takes something more than a casual amount of effort and somehow that has an appeal. Like sailing, fly fishing offers a lifetime of learning if you care to pay attention.

On a fluke I stopped through Orvis on 5th Avenue one day and they were offering “free” fly fishing lessons. In all the times I’ve stopped through Orvis it never struck me as particularly hip or really even a part of the NYC outdoor community, but just the opposite! Signed up and showed up for a lesson in Central Park.

The lesson was great, and the people greater. Pictured is casting instructor Phil Shook and he and the other instructors were fun, funny, and informative. The day in the Park was better than expected and I’m sold on Orvis and look forward to fishing upstate or in New England at some of the tours/destinations that they host. And we have one more Central Park trip to combine casting with landing some of the Central Park pond inhabitants. Another “who knew” discovery right here in the City and free. Can’t beat that.

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