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Devil’s Path 1, John Pasmore 0 by John Pasmore

Devil's Path Trail Marker

So went hiking up in the Catskills with the intention of camping with a buddy. After waking up at 5:30, and then driving 3 hours north we hit the trail a little late – 9:00ish on a chilly (50 degrees and falling) morning full of drizzle. Got a map and little advice from the Ranger Station and was onward and upward. Approximately an hour and a half into the woods my partner in this mini-adventure develops a not-so-mini 1.5 inch blister on his heel. Ouch. (Partial gear list to come as this was mostly a preparation/gear avoidable injury).

The trail, Devil’s Path is noteworthy in New York. It was featured in NY Times a couple weeks back. It’s 25 miles of some of the more difficult hiking in New York, taking in 6 peaks; small by global standards but challenging with anything more than a daypack.

Post blister I knew we were ascending on borrowed time. Sure we made up another 1000 feet of vertical gain (over about a mile), but by lunch prospects were fading as fast as the temperature, now 41 degrees.  With the rest of the day staring at us like Everest (some 25,000 feet higher than the Hunter Mountain we sat on) we bagged it. Yeah, without even any serious remorse. I could hear my wife laughing before making the call. And laugh she did. Coming down still took two and a half difficult hours.

Another hour and and we were stopping at Ikea in New Jersey. Beyond defeated. Devil’s Path notches clear victory. Round 2?


Always trying to find gear solutions that can work for many sports – sailing, hiking, scuba, occasional kayaking, etc.

Itopomaps worked perfectly – a little basic on the interface side, but you can download maps for when you’re out of range of cell signal.


iPhone 3GS

Garmin GPS

(the most basic GPS in the line – just need lat/long – always take backup sailing)

Itopomaps for iPhone

Iphone Case: Otter Defender

I would say this is water resistant not waterproof – have used sailing in rain though – so far pretty good.

Solar: Brunton 26W

Macbook DC & Solar Power

Computer Case – Pelican




Raichle Eiger Norwegian Welt Boots. Black 3.0mm Roughout leather. Raichle/Vibram Montagna soles. 1 inch rubber rand joining the sole with the upper

(Weight: HEAVY – these are ancient but work for me)

Rain jacket

Used sailing foul weather jacket – same effect. Good.

Wool Pants

Not brand focused


Fleece Polartec

Not brand focused


Marmot Shooting Star

3500 Cubic inches

4lbs 6 ounces

(2002 Backpacker Magazine:



Marmot NYX 2P

Two person, three season tent

5lb 4 ounces (with ground cloth)

Sleeping Bag

NorthFace Blaze 3D

3 lbs

The Blaze 3D Bx sleeping bag by The North Face is a Polarguard 3D, twenty-degree bag for three-season use. Polarguard 3D synthetic insulation (Discontinued 2006)

20 degree

Sleeping Bag Liner

Thermolite Reactor (Sea to Summit)

Sleeping Bag Liner (adds 15/20 degrees_

9 ounces

Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes – Insulated Air Core

24 ounces – rated to 15 degrees


MSR PocketRocket

3 ounces

60 minutes per canister (roughly)


MSR Airspring/MSR Waterworks EX (water filter)

durable ceramic element that delivers years of protection, as well as a second-stage PES membrane for extra filtering power

Stove Fuel

MRS Isopro

80/20 blend of isobutane and propane

8 ounces


Mil Spec MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z87.1-2003+ compliant (when not used in conjunction with Rx Inserts).  All CDI™ lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.


Compression bags

Pacific Outdoor Equipment Pneumo 5L Compression Dry Sack with Valve

Best bags – I don’t know what all bags don’t have this kind of valve – much needed to compress bag quickly…Use a separate bag for clothes; food, stove/kitchen, electronics


Princeton Tec & Petzl Headlamp (Red Lens)

Carry two – pretty similar – generally either would be fine – if you’re caving you might want something specific…

Tent Ground Sheet

Super Extra Large Plastic Bag


Medical Kit

Bring something and hope to use none of it….

Map Case – Seal Line

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