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Car Camping + 7 year-old w/LREI by John Pasmore

Getting out of the City is great. Grass is scarce where we live, but I think it’s important to see what’s buried underneath all this concrete.

We (I) loaded up lots and lots of gear that probably makes the whole thing maybe too comfortable, but my plan is that this adds to the allure for the small person. Could backfire. We headed out for the 21st annual school camping trip for LREI (Little Red’s Annual Camping Trip 2014) with another 80 or so people landing at Rivers Bend Group Campsites (41°05’46.0″N 74°57’59.9″W).

I went camping just once with my family, but I remember it, or parts of it, or the myth of it till today. Likely always. It kind of embodied some ideal of family that set a now unattainable level of harmony/discord, resolution and adventure in one chaotic wonderful trip. Mostly because I don’t really remember it, just the impression it left.

I don’t know how long my son will remember this weekend or what it might mean. We went, they played in the mud, looked at stars, stayed up too late and played too close to the fire. I don’t know about him, but I could use a few more days like this.

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