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WIRED burns Green Bridges by John


WIRED Magazine chose to push some green buttons. Their cover story provoked usually staid and scientific Real Climate to post a response, “Wired Magazine‚Äôs Incoherent Truths“.

Essentially the WIRED piece cuts to the chase of some long held beliefs that it feels will have to be sacrificed at the alter of reality. Doable change as opposed to things we should do (and never accomplish). They include heartstoppers like giving up on organic food, carbon trading doesn’t work and prepare to accept genetic engineering.

In looking at the two articles, one from the aggressively non-designed and mostly scientific website (Real Climate) and one from a publication which cuts down trees, takes money from auto manufactures and generally must earn a profit from the support of some of the countries biggest commercial enterprises I think I would go with the former, Real Climate, as a more trusted source of info to live by. Sorry Wired, but I really do like the gadget section! Always have.

There you have it, Wired is entertaining, and Real Climate has the truth.

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