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The Sea by John


At times, I’m a little overly focused on all things aquatic. So wanted to post some random thoughts on what is a very wide topic. Underwater Times is by far the most entertaining and informative ocean-focused site site I know. It’s a great jumping off point on all ocean-related topics.

But the sea is more than news or events. It is in many ways a great wilderness. We play at the edge of that wilderness every time we head to the beach, but it can still provide whatever it is we’ve always looked to the wilderness to provide. And Bernard Moitessier, a life-long sea gypsy, and his book The Long Way (picked up electronically on an Amazon Kindle!) provides what it is we look to adventure books for.

Unrelated to ocean as wilderness but worth reading is a novel called, The Sea, by John Banville.

Somewhat related to Moitessier is the interesting documentary on Donald Crowhurst. Crowhurst and Montessier both participated in the Sunday Times Golden Globe race. A race around the world for single-hand (read alone) sailers. While leading the race, Montessier bailed after sailing nearly around the world because he thought the idea of a trophy or a competition did not equal the spirit of the sea or his view of the sea. Artist Tacita Dean did an interesting piece of work on Crowhurst which involves several photographs (and a film I can not find) on the now-abandoned vessel which lies in a sorry state off a deserted beach in Grand Cayman.

For me, sailing, diving, swimming or even looking out at the ocean is a magical experience. There is so much history and nature is so immediate. I could go on and on…won’t though.

(Photo by Michael Truog as we sailed from St. Lucia to Panama several years ago on the Anna of Brighton.)

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