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Quick Car Camping by John Pasmore


We went camping again. Quick trip with the now 8 year-old. A challenge is that this particular campground in New Jersey is somewhat poorly represented on the Internet.

The National Park Service link to the campground is currently serving up: Requested Page Not Found (404) at this URL: The Map that the Park Service provides does not have latitude and longitude but this is what I used: 41°5’49″N 74°57’53″W. And, if you’re using WAZE you’re going to need to convert that using something like this.

Once there it’s a good spot and we go with my son’s school LREI, and about 80 other people. Note there is a hand pump well for water, no showers and latrines that test your ability to hold your breath. But the kids have a great time as we all do. Just bring some water.

And the only thing quick was the trip – Friday thru Sunday. Lots of packing for short trip, but short is better than not going by an infinite margin. Tent is back in storage and if we’re lucky we’ll unload it for a longer trip ideally farther away. We’ll see…


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