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Far North by John


The movie Far North is far from cheerful. But I am far behind in my movie watching and got round to it this weekend via Netflix (Watch Instantly!). Yeah, my baby boy has kept me far from movie theaters. But even on my small screen the scenery is spectacular. Take a look if you need an outdoor fix. The movie combines realism with perhaps a bit of Far North myth, and you may/may not like the combo. The real winner here are the visuals and the sense of scale you get from the cinematography. The realism or the coarse sometimes brutal life portrayed can be kind of not-so-entertaining to watch as well. Much has been written about the life of these people and from what I’ve read that aspect of the movie is really needed if one wants something of an honest view. This movie, though gritty at times, is still glossy compared to the reality. But, for me, worth watching.

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