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Cruising by John Pasmore

Executive Retreat for 7 days on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas.  Cruising is a special experience and I understand what people love about it.

Sailing is all about self-reliance. Using your experience and judgement to keep you, your crew and your hull on top of the waves. With cruising that’s pretty much covered for you. In fact, cruising has to be one of the most safe and secure ways to travel. That is what some would love about the experience, that it’s a self contained adventure — perfect for large groups where you just need to decide what time to get up, where to eat (there are 25 choices), and what activity fits your mood.

At VoyageTV cruising is going to become a larger part of our travel offers and we’re testing a 30 second “interactive” spot on Cablevision this coming week. For all those cruisers out there we’ll have some very impressive offers.

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