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Calm Before the Kid Storm by John Pasmore

Delaware WaThis is camping before 50 or so kids arrive. My now 9 year-old and I head out on his annual school trip and get there a day early (Friday). Once in full swing the view changes a bit, mostly because he’s not yet ready to be fully on his own with his friends and suspect, city-bred decision making in the woods.

Overall used the same kit that I have in years passed. Added a bit of Permethrin to the apparel packed for the trip. Used Sawyer‘s from REI. Hard to tell if it worked, but having personally gone thru the Lyme regimen I’d like to avoid that for me and little person.

Tent was Kodiak 10 x 14 Flex Bow Tent from Cabelas – am four years in with the tent and is pretty solid and no reason why it wouldn’t last another four at least. Lots of wind and rain and we were fine — there were some small wet spots where water may have bled through a zipper, but that could be measured in fractions of an ounce and none on sleeping bag. Even in tent I generally keep gear in a roll-top waterproof bag that I got for sailing (wxTex Duffel which may no longer be available). I learned in sailing that the occasional open porthole could easily change the state of your sleeping kit. Better safe….

I was a little more casual this year in packing overall as this is ‘car camping’ though I would say just for convenience you should pay attention to batteries and other small but appreciated amenities. Won’t do full gear list as it’s extensive even for weekend trip. Was fine and fun. But there were lots and lots of kids – this was not the relax/kickback camp experience:



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