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Blackbird, the Black Browser? by John


Have seen some high energy comments about the new “Black” browser, Blackbird. With a Black president it might seem that the ultimate in assimilation has been accomplished, so why now?

I haven’t used the browser, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea. On-line users are grouped by likes, age, and all sorts of demo’s, so if some users feel like they get the best out the Net using a Black browser, fine. Some of the most outspoken people have been Black and see it as some sort of throw-back, or even an insult.

But Black people are not monolithic. Black people are as diverse as any ethnic group, and as mixed racially, and are literally all over the map. If some portion of the folks want to use a Black browser because it speaks to them, and delivers more relevant search returns then it’s a win for Ed Young. But read the comments at TechCrunch and you can see that some have taken the browser as a symbol for something bigger.

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One Response to “Blackbird, the Black Browser?”

  1. TheJennTaFur says:

    Agreed. I am a MAC user and the browser is for PC people. So, as the PC people continue to have options with browsers, I am still thankful for Safari and Firefox. I use the internet search engines to find content specific information that I can tailor to race or vice versa. I wonder how this will continue to develop. I follow some conversations on this issue but in the end I usually take a back seat because the anger is in your face. I’m trying to have some peace in my life if at all possible!

    Be blessed.

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