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Back to Minnewaska by John Pasmore

Made it back to Minnewaska in December. Last year there was virtually no snow so hope this is what the future looks like. Think

the drive from NYC is about 90 miles more or less. As always, we stop and Rock & Snow in New Paltz to rent cross country skiing gear.

The service at Rock & Snow is great and I would recommend stopping through whenever you’re in the area. I think it was about 25-27 degrees for most of the day and add a little wind and you’ll want the right pair of gloves.It’s just good to get out of the City; was watching a video on my recently favorite Physicist David Bohm on YouTube and they talked about seeing things that are NOT the product of thought, like trees and snow, and how there is some elemental satisfaction or attraction or oneness to that. I never really framed the attraction in terms of “thought” or lack of, but it’s a perspective worth ruminating on while under the sky.

Just a short story on gear:

Took out a Montane Medusa 32 liter pack for the first time (from ProLite Gear)– is light and fine. Takes a moment to get used to as the chest pull and waist adjustments are a little proprietary but worked fine to carry a never-needed extra layer (Patagonia R3), a hot drink. cold drink a few hand warmers and couple glove options. Happy with the pack. For hands ultimately the Black Diamond Access Mitt was fine. Went with just a Montane Flux jacket – again enough while skiing.

Look forward to seeing more snow this year and a couple more mountains.

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